CCCC SFT General Technical Research Team Goes to Dalian University of Technology for Investigation and Exchange

       On September 23, 2018, Lin Ming, leader of CCCC SFT General Technical Research Team performed the investigation and view exchange on the physical model tests for SFT engineering technology research at the State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering of Dalian University of Technology with others.
       Accompanied by Professor Zhang Ningchuan and Tutor Sun Yang of the School of Civil Engineering of Dalian University of Technology, members of CCCC SFT General Technical Research Team visited the model manufacturing and test site, gave advices on optimization of model manufacturing procedures, and put forward requirements for accuracy control in the process of model test.

       After the visit, members of the SFT research team and Professor Zhang's research team held a seminar on the overall behavioral mechanism model test scheme and the test of the SFT structure. All parties exchanged opinions on the key issues in the model tests, further improved the contents of the test scheme, clarified the test requirements and planned the test results after thorough discussion, which had important guiding significance for the pool physical model test to be carried out in Tianjin.
       As a major forward-looking international frontier scientific research project, research on SFT engineering technologies is conducive to achieving the integration of industry-university-research integration under the cooperation with domestic universities such as Dalian University of Technology and provides a talent training platform for the implementation of the strategic measures to accelerate the construction of a maritime power.

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